Friday, March 30, 2012


YES!!!  Finally a day off that I can spend doing hte things that I want/need to do (that laundry ain't gonna wash itself!) 

In anticipation of having today off, I started cleaning last night so I could swing a little bit more to the "me" side of today : )

So, I have waled with a friend because I am totally out of shape, hit 2 Walmarts, Michaels, Home Depot and the Salvation Army...gonna hit Kohl's Lowes and another thrift store before pick up time : )

My baby steps goal of cleaning/purging this house is still ongoing...I actually have cleared space on shelves and gained closet space...this house can't get any bigger, so I can only work with what I have.

I have decided during this process to redo the girls' rooms...but I have to finish the whole house first...before the 1st week of oldest will go to 6th grade camp that week and we want her to come back to a surprise...and since the Kindergartner will be stuck with me and missing her sister - there is no way I can get away with only doing one room.  Oldest is getting a "fashion" themed room with a tiny bit of French flair...nothing too campy or diva-like, but I did pick up a black wire dress form that I am in love with...she hasn't had a full room makeover since we moved in 9 years ago and the comforter she picked out before that we added too a bit just isn't working...I am going English Garden for the little one because I found 2 bird cages at the thrift store...I am even attempting my first quilts...rag quilts for each of them...started cutting the fabric last night...this way I can get rid of some of my scrap fabric and old clothes and I can control the price a bit and buy more paint and accessories!  Should be able to get both of the rooms done for under $250...I already have a few key elements for fashion room and bird cages and white wicker accents for garden

I have to remember to do "before" pics...