Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Third verse, same as the first...Take this job and shove it!

Yes, once again I have quit my job...
Damn near the same one I quit the first time last year...
Then again in April...
A shit-ton of things have happened in between...
the most major being that my father passed away.
What I learned from his life and from his passing, is that I really don't have to take anyone's shit.
While I know living my life is the longest thing I will ever do,
it doesn't have to be lived in misery.
I choose what I want to wear each day, what I want to eat, what route I want to take...
why should I let some miserable bitch dictate my work life?!
Truth is - I don't have to
I live just outside San Diego, CA
Do you have any idea how many freaking jobs are out there?!
While I loved what I did and most of the people that I did it with, one person was ruining it for everyone.
I wish I was exaggerating, but 'm really not.
10 people have quit or been let go in 1 year...it's math people...
look for the common denominator and you will find it.
But, you have to look for it and actually SEE it.
A rotten apple really can ruin the whole cart.
I am going to stay home. 
Make yummy (moderately healthy) meals for my family.
Stay off of the California freeway system.
Clean and organize my house (already painted the kitchen and 1/2 the dining room)
Clip more coupons.
Buy more Groupons
Start making quilted fabric Christmas ornaments and hitting the local craft show circuit with my #1 sister in law (she was the first casualty of this war)
First day of the rest of my life starts October 22nd!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Starting over...again - Groundhog Day

New Year
New Life
New Goals
New Budget
Same old Shit
Lord, I hope not...
2014 ended in a completely shitty, fucked up...I can't believe this is happening to me kind of way...
My husband got laid off two weeks before Christmas
(did I mention he's the breadwinner- by a longshot?!)
(oh yeah - don't forget I quite my job last month,,,,)
They cancelled his insurance...for our whole family midnight the NEXT day
(yes, this while completely FUCKED up, it is completely legal)
the next day was our 22nd Anniversary...we tried to blow up our house.
Both of us were out of it and watched him wire up our new stove (gift from the parents)
...you got it - COMPLETELY wrong
but did that stop us?!
No - we plugged that fucker in!
and then
We live in a townhouse, couldn't get to the panel outside, had to call SDG&E
They got us up and running.
Anniversary I will never forget.
2015 isn't starting off much better...
I am working some.
They wouldn't let me quit all the way, so there is a huge blessing in disguise.
Hubby has a contingency offer or employment, but not until June and it's in L.A.
No unemployment yet and they processed the kids insurance stuff but not ours even though we submitted the same day...
But - it could be worse...
My dad went into surgery on January 7th to stent around 2 aneurisms...
then he bled into his abdomen - emergency surgery
then when they checked him the next day part of his small intestine died - more surgery
they took out 15 cm of small intestine and his gall bladder
then he had an a-fib problem that was fixed today with a drip
 he's on dialysis and he keeps trying to force the ventilator tube out with his tongue
they may perform a tracheotomy of him tomorrow
guess I should stop bitching...