Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baby Steps

I feel like a proud new momma!!!
My mom got to take my dad home and he is walking again :)
He uses a walker and they had to rearrange the house a bit, but he is home and taking the necessary steps (haha) to get back on track.
Mom has even taken him out on a couple of field trips to work and getting his hairs cut.
They even have a neighbor that recently became a massage therapist and she is going to come over and massage his legs one or twice a week.
He is going to dialysis 3 times a week, but we are in the hopes that he can stop in the not too distant future or at least go for 3 hours instead of 4 1/2...his bony ass just can sit still that long.
He wants to try and drive the block a worries though, his right leg was unaffected and his doesn't drive a stick...I do hope that my mom goes with him tough...
partly for his safety and the safety of others, but mostly for mine...
I have a secret...
He asked me to stash a pack of cigarettes and working lighter for him before I flew back home...
and I didn't.
I did leave a very sweet and heartfelt card, but I don't think he is going to see it as sweet.
He even threatened to cut off my Christmas present.
I love my dad more than I love his money.
I also told him that I couldn't ask him to do something that i wasn't willing to do myself.
I smoke when I drink, when I am home in Fla and when I am mad, but no more : )
We'll see how is goes when I actually go back home, but I think I can do it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

F&*% me running in a snowstorm...

I just can't keep up!
Too much, too fast, too often
My dad's health...a summary
2/15 goes in for procedure to have clot removed from fistula
2/16 starts coughing up blood, goes to ER then home
2/17 starts coughing up too much blood, 911 and a ride to the ER...bleeding to much, can't do tests...gets lights and sirens all the way to big hospital a few towns over...
2/18 still bleeding, being observed
2/19 go up his leg, into his heart and over to lungs to stop bleeding
2/20 bleeding stops but has an embolism in his spine and now does not have use of his legs
2/21 in looking for answer to legs, realize that his aneurysm has grown and needs to be handled
one way of handling aneurysm will kill kidneys, so have to travel to Texas to get fixed...on his own dime!
While Dad is in hospital...Mom starts having major, serious IBS issues and has to take herself down to the ER
Things stay the same and they start looking for rehab facilities to get legs back on line while waiting for answer from Texas
2/26 I fly home, Dad goes to rehab, Mom falls apart
they start to fight and I have to keep them separated for 2 1/2 days
He is doing great at rehab and even walks 24 feet with little help
3/3 I fly back home
3/4 he starts going downhill a bit, gets a fever has to get a Foley cath, has breathing issues
3/5 transported by ambulance to yet another hospital, has 2 blood transfusions, gets breathing treatments every 3 hours for COPD issues and goes on dialysis in the am
I need a drink!
Will probably fly back home again in a week or so...
feels kind of feels good to vomit all of this out : )