Monday, November 29, 2010

Just another Monday

Had a pretty good 4 day weekend with the family, didn't get much done around the house, but the house will ALWAYS be in some state of disarry...I do not live in a museum...I LIVE in my home.  I don't always clean up the kitchen when I'm done cooking, it's so friggin small I don't want to be in there anymore when I'm done AND our dishwasher is named "Mom"...breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 people leads to some messy dishes...after a big long weekend I usually do the dishes when we run out of silverware.
I did get up and head out to join the Black Friday madness (I haven't done it in about 4 years) and it was totally worth it...better have been...stood in line for 90 minutes just to pay for my crap at Kohl's.  I wasn't about to stand in the line at Target after that and didn't even dream about going to time good deal folks...spent about $135, saved $293 and got $20.00 in Kohl's cash. The bummer was that I got stuff we right now, so not too many gifts, but that's okay.  Gonna go back today and buy some more crap.

Friday, November 26, 2010

First holiday with our "new" extended family - a success!!!!

So, we went to Thanksgiving dinner at my sister in law's aun'ts place (she and I married brothers)...and it was beyond awesome!  The food was delicious, the people (all 22 of them in a two bedroom apartment mind you) were welcoming and the drama...basically non existent!!!!  There was one episode, but we had no backstory and didn't even realize it was going on...these guys even fight nice!  I have never felt so loved and welcomed and my children sooo catered to outside of my mother's house.  We were about to get out the cro-bar (sp?) because my kids didn't want to leave.  Thanks aunts K & K for loving us warts and all!

Spent time with hubby's baby brother and his lovely ladies today!  And by lovely...I mean it!  Thank God Miss I is so nice and sweet because otherwise I would have to hate's bad enough to feel fat and have self esteem issues...try hanging out with a former international model (she's been on the cover of more than one Vogue, more than one time!) with a french accent!  She is beyond beautiful, taller than me, thinner than me AND is about to pop out a new baby for us to love on so she is effing glowing and spouting off phermones too!  And of course their daughter is beautiful too AND speaks french...did I mention that she's only 3?!  Merde!  It was great to see them...turn a trip to the nature center into dinner and out for dessert as well and the cousins got along great for not seeing each other for so long.

Oh, hark I hear my poor lonely bottle of Baileys calling me!  Later!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the birth of new traditions

It is amazing to me that my hubby is one of 6 children, 5 of them live in the same county, 1 lives an hour or so away and NO ONE really wants to get together for the holidays, birthdays or celebrations of pretty much any kind.  It used to be different, but as the family has grown it has become a major hassle/pain in the ass.  To me part of the fun of family is being ass deep in folks that are supposed to love and care about you no matter what...not just call you when then need something moved, painted or other fun manual labor type b.s.
So, now that I am not speaking to my mil, I have the freedom to do WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!  Traveling to Florida is now officially carved in stone (we've gone the past 3 out of 4 years because it is just more pleasant over there!)  I have trimmed the tree, decorated my stairs, overhauled the 2nd story balcony in a whole new way, busted out the fancy snowmen dinner plates that I have had for 15 years and NEVER used, and put up a small, lighted tree in each girl's room and let them each deocrate a wreath on their doors.  Behold - I am the Martha Stuart of the Trailer Park!!!  All fear me and beware my wrath!  Also, with the whole lack of communication spreading a bit thru the troops it is gonna cut way down on my baking time and let me focus on actually enjoying the holidays and really appreciating the people that appreciate me!  So now each night I will curl up with my nook and my Baileys laced hot chocolate and just simply be me : )

Friday, November 19, 2010

skipping Thanksgiving (not really) and headed right to Christmas

So I had a moment of temporary insanity and busted out with all the Christmas stuff last weekend and now I am damn skippy close to putting it all up...
Thanksgiving is going to be different this year becasue we are not really speaking to my mil and not really sure when we will...Me?!  I'm thinking cold day in Hell, but for my hubby's sake I hope it's sooner (for him, not me).  She never really pays that much attention to my girls (only before and after church for the most part) they aren't really missing out much there...did I mention that she lives 3 miles down the street?!
So...since Thanksgiving got switched around and the girls and I are headed out to fla before the man...we are starting Christmas early!  Got the tree up (lights only...getting puppy boy used to the idea) lights on stairs and just attacked and finished the 2nd story balcony...couple of little knick-knacky things to go and it's all done except for the baking : )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stop the ride mommy...I wanna get off...

Taking 5 in between cleaning out fridge (so I could put away the groceries I bought...didn't really need and REALLY didn't have room for...before the purge) and trying to wrangle the 4 year old into the tub before the shit hits the fan and she finds out she has to get her portrait taken after we pick up her sister from school...
I have the feeling I will be bribing her with ice cream or a new toy before it's all over...the best part is that she will act like an out of control demon for the ENTIRE day and then right as the photographer walks up whe whips out her halo and wings and turns on the charm...everyone else thinks she's this perfectly behaved angel...oh yeah?!  call me on the phone sometime and her the angel "singing"...i double dog dare ya!  she actually made the phone cut out one time when I was talking to a friend in FL becuase she was screaming so loud...not because she was in pain, not for any valid reason...just because...
next time Daddy can take her to jc penney...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's just do this thing

Okay Miss has begun...let the games begin...stage 1 complete...the reign on the Trailer Park Queen begins now...