Friday, November 14, 2014

Channeling my inner Caddy Shack

I wanted a change...
and boy am I getting it!
It's time to be the ball...
Fulfill my own destiny...
Quit my job!
My last day will be November 25th and then I am gearing up to go into the memory quilt business!
I love to sew!
Have done it for years.
My first job was to make cording for my mom's slip cover business when I was 9 years old.
Sitting on the front porch sewing my little fingers off for a whopping 10 cents/yard!
Made Barbie clothes, my own clothes (still wear a shirt that I made as a junior in high school), blankets, basic slip covers, quilts...etc.
I have boxes of stuff set aside to make quilts for my own girls and now I am going to do it!
Besides - I need before and after shots!
Have a few friends that I am going to do quilts for here and then I'm hitting etsy!
I will never be rich
I may not even be that successful...
But I will never be disrespected in the work force again.
It has been 17 years since I last cried and work...I quit that job.
And now I am quitting this one.
Life is too short to be unhappy.
I have a father who is very ill
I have a great friend who just completed her last chemo and getting ready to start radiation...she has 3 kids and is only 37 years old.
There are so many uncertainties in life
So many things that can make can make us happy, why on earth would I willingly go out of my way to go someplace that makes me cry?
A little thing about me - I don't cry...hardly ever...the hubby jokes that I am part Vulcan. 
 I just don't do tears...
If you see my crying, it's usually because I am frustrated and can't punch anyone.
Or I am being thrown into a meeting the minute I walk in the door to be told I am being insubordinate...
when all I did was follow directions clearly laid out in an email.
I would rather save the money I spend in gas and collect cans on the side of the road for the CA CRV (5 cents each baby!)
then work in a place that chastises you for following their rules...
I need logic and that shit doesn't  make sense.