Friday, January 17, 2014

While you were out...

The hubby is headed out of town for a the weekend to do a 1/2 Marathon
and I am going for a Marathon size surprise make-over on the house...

The first week of the year I organized both girls' closets...

I would show a pic, but experiencing technical difficulties...

Knowing that I am going to overhaul some things, I have let this place looks like a bad episode of cops in's pretty bad...and I grew up in a trailer park...I've seen bad!

I am going to shift some things on the walls
complete the gallery wall at the bottom of the stairs
get unused furniture out of the teenager's room
paint a dresser I now have placed under the stairs
hook up a new phone system
trailer park engineer 2 queens size quilts into one cal-king
sort out and purge my 4 giant boxes of "Stuff"
New blinds in the little one's balcony door
Install cork board art area on the back of her bedroom door
and general putting away of things that haven't been put away for the past two weeks


Hope I can pull this off!