Thursday, March 20, 2014

There once was a crooked girl who lived in a straight world....

Well, it's official...
My oldest is lopsided
Not the end of the world.
She has more testing to do and an appointment with my nephew's orthopedic surgeon in a couple of weeks.
We need to see if her knock-knee-ness comes from ligaments around the knee on the outside being looser than the ligaments on the inside and drawing the knees in or if it is from her bones actually twisting in.
The first option involves PT, the second, potential surgery.
There really isn't anything we can do about her face except pray it isn't too severe and start saving for plastic surgery and bone grafts.
The geneticist had a field day when she realized that there are 5 official, 1 potential and 5 yet to be discovered "victims" and is trying to see if Children's Hospital will authorize genetic testing on the fan-damily.
If she gets the ok, we could see if my youngest is just waiting for puberty to hit before she changes or if she dodged the bullet so to speak. 
Next stop Asperger's...