Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting it all out...and wishing it would go away...

My problems compared to others are pretty small...
but they are mine
they suck

My oldest is getting ready to go on a field trip across the county to D.C. which by itself is making me nervous, it's just that when she gets back her world is probably going to majorly change...
 and in more than one way.

Way #1
we are having her evaluated for Asperger's
She has always been immature and impulsive, but now that she and her peers and falling headfirst into puberty, the gap is becoming wider and her uniqueness more apparent.
I am having her evaluated so that I can make sure all the resources that are available are made accessible to her.

Way #2
A genetic anomaly for an asymmetrical skeleton that makes itself apparent during puberty.
We have an appointment with my nephew's geneticist in March.
We need to see how much of her body is being effected and get a referral to an orthopedic doctor to see if her knees are showing the same juju that her cousin's and dad's do...I want to push her to her own personal limits, but do not want her held to the same standards as her peers if they are too physically challenging for her or could cause her knee to dislocate.  We had noticed that her gait was off and she is a bit knock kneed, but didn't think it was the skeletal thing until we looked at her face.

So, we get to tell her, hey your brain doesn't process the way everyone else's does, but on the bright side, we will know why everyone thinks that you are weird...and by the way your face is starting to get call catty-wompus and we aren't sure how off center you will end up, but we can start saving for your facial reconstruction surgery can have a head full of titanium like your Aunt!

The upside is that she doesn't think like a "normal" 14 year old right now and doesn't really care how she looks, but right now doesn't realize that her face is changing...hell, we didn't even notice it until the other day.

I hope and pray that her trip to D.C. is incredible and can become a "Happy Place" for her to go to when the cards she has been dealt start to bring her down....