Saturday, May 28, 2011

Should I tell him?

It's not nearly at cryptic as it sounds...

One of my relatives has started a blog...he has linked it on his fb page, I have read it, it's quite good, he says it's theraputic and I now for my question...

do I tell him that I have one too? 

 I'm not linked to any social networks and no one on the hubby's side of the family really knows that my little slice of cyberspace exists, or if they know I have a blog, they don't know where to find me (mwa ha ha).  I don't care if they find me or if they read it...I just don't want to be the one giving them directions...the main reason I started this blog was to purge myself of the juju that has become my relationship with my mil...not like I rant and rave about her but because of what has happened I no longer have family members to talk to about life stuff anymore...

So that is where you all come in...friends, followers, stalkers, passersby...everyone!  I don't have to worry about anyone running and telling their mommy some completely eff'ed up version of what I really said...

Seriously people - how does "What's going on?"  turn into "What is she doing here?" It just doesn't make for the Disney ending when shit like this happens, no one says anything to WTH? Why did you say that?  Then I could say - "Um, I didn't"  But, noooooo they hold the stuff in, let it boil and spill out years later.

It's like some folks have been taking little doses of poison and hoping that I would fall over and croak...Sorry to disappoint you - ain't gonna happen.  Not only am I not going to roll over and play dead, I flat out REFUSE to take ANY responsiblity for ANYTHING not brought to my attention and discussed.  Ask me, accuse me, point a finger, but at least give ME the chance to confirm, deny or salute you with whatever hand gesture I find fits the situation.  Don't come up and tell me that I have offended you over the years, give me no examples and then expect me to apologize...I won't.  Not because I don't feel like I have to, but because I don't believe you.  Not that I can't be me I can...the point is I almost never intend to (at least to to friends and a-holes that spill beer on me or cut me off on the freeway - YES!) be offensive, and if it is brought to my atttention, I can and will apologize.  But the main issues at hand here on Walton Mountain are based on straight up lies...hell, I wish I had been able to see my face when my hubby told me what it was I supposedly said mom and aunt who saw me after the news thought that someone had died.

Damn...that kind of came out of now where...kind of pisses me off that this stuff still bothers me...but I shall continue on with my cyberpurging and hopefully be less and less juju effected as time goes on


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shhhh...don't tell the kids

We are planning a surprise trip to Disneyland!!!!  Only for a day, but...uhmmm - it's Disneyland!!!
We bought annual passes when my cousin came visisting from PA with her twins (we would have needed to take the hubby with us and gone in why not?!  Costs about the same and we can run up there if we get bored one day)...and one of my kids got sick, we couldn't go and we haven't activated the passes yet...
On the day of my hubby is going to hand them their Mickey ears and tell them to put them on and get in the car!!!

Can't wait to see their faces...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Steps

The house is slowly getting put together...surprised that I got anything done at all...did I mention that the hubby ran off to Disneyland with a friend and left me with the kids, the dog and the messy house?!  It's not as bad as it sounds...he's helping out a friend that doesn't drive and can't get there on his own (he has a few issues) so he paid for gas, hotel and entry to the park...but it was not really helping me get my motivation on...

Hopefully I can make some more progress today (like walk into my walk-in closet), may even take some pictures and put together a slideshow for my dad to check out when I go home this summer.  He HATES California (he did actually live out here for a bit in the late 80's- and had to spend a lot of time driving to and from L.A., so his issues are a little legit) and can't really he's never seen our place or any of the projects he's helped me with long distance.

Or...I may just sit on my butt and read...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The magic in the bedroom

Turn off your dirty little minds...THAT kind of magic is already taken care of ; )
I'm needing some extra help to get this clean/organizing feat off the ground and running, so of course I'm blogging...
Ok, so I have more than a slight problem getting stuff done around here, so today I am going with guilt motivation instead of the embarassment motivation tactic used yesterday...let's see how long it take me to blog in the results - start the clock....NOW!

Friday, May 20, 2011


ok, so I found a little embarassment driven motivation...upsatirs landing is clean...really clean, actually put away in it's place and way I'm trying this with my bedroom tho...

MISSING: My Motivation, if found, please call...

Ugh!  School is going to be out soon, my part time job is going to disappear, I have no prospects for new supplemental income on the horizon, my house looks like a bad indoor version of Sanford and Son and all I want to do is go to the library and pick up the book I ordered and read all weekend....not good...

I was actually thinking about posting a picture of how bad upstairs looks, in the hopes that the embarassment would drive me to actually do something about it...of course that would mean getting up and grabbing the camera...then posting, then actually cleaning, new post....WHERE's that book I ordered?!  I'm tired already : (

I am actually a total slob at heart that is only capable of organizing other people and a HORRIBLE example for my children!!!!!  My mom used to let the house go for a month or 2, then kick us all out and go on a mad tear and sterilize the place in 2 days (1,900 sf double-wide - not an easy task)  My main problem is I can't get the family to leave....this is my story excuse and I am sticking to it...I have the ADD so bad that I get distracted and clean the WHOLE friggin house at the same time...the place looks like a dump for a day and a half and in the last hour every single room completes its transformation, happens like little dominoes.

Screw it...gonna take a before pic of the upstairs landing....maybe...

so here it is -
you can't even see the cute little bench I got at the thrift store for $7.50 and my mommy made a cushion for it when she was here with repurposed foam and my 80% off fabric
The whole thing
(minus the labor)

ok, gotta get off my fat butt and get to work so I can post my "after" shot....
see you in a week ; )

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a Quickie...

My house has become a disaster...kind of reminds me of an episode of cops...clothes piled everywhere, toys laying where they fell, WAY too many dirty dishes in the kitchen, and the only proof of a dining room table is that you can actually see the legs that are holding up all that crap...the only thing we are missing is the actual mobile home at this point.
So, in an effort to rememdy this situation, find some stuff that has been missing for a few days and keep my husband's head from blowing straight off his shoulders...I took the morning off from my little (but completely awesome) part time job and I am going to knock out what I can before I pick up Miss C in 3 hours
Maybe I should stop blogging and get cleaning?  Don't really want to but I'm going to put on my big girl pants and go knock this B&$^@ out!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ready for my vacation

I am soooo ready to head back east for a bit...ok, it's more than a bit, but I am staying with my parents so it's kind of like a working vacation.  They pay for me to bring the kiddies out to see them so Grandpa doesn't have to suffer the evil that he feels IS California(+he can't fly due to health reasons) and my kids (and myself) get to get spoiled a bit. {It's pretty sad that my kids see my parents on the other side of the continent more than their Grandma that lives 3 miles up the street...oh well - her loss!}  I end up working my butt off cleaning out cars, tackling project Mom puts off (waiting for me) and cooking just about every night...but it's with my family and I want to make sure they know how much I appreciate them and everything they do for us.  Trust me, being a mostly stay at home mom (I work outside the home about 12 hours a week) and living just outside San Diego...there's no way for a Florida vacation without some help or me going back to work full-time.  The kids would probably like daycare more than me helf the time, but their mine and I'll screw them up myself thank you very much ; )

Monday, May 2, 2011

Freedom of speech...unless you don't agree with me? WTH?!

So an old party friend from back in the know like a million years ago in P'cola, FL in the club 2001 era (sigh...) posted a comment today on FB..
".if you don't like this post please tell me so i can delete you!"  it then states his opinion about Osama Bin Laden death...which he is entitled to...duh - AMERICA !
Mr. C is very liberal, very gay (married to his husband for 13 years I believe) and very pagan (wiccan last I knew)
I am very republican, hetero and Christian...yet I wouldn't even dream of deleting him for his opinion.  He was and is a very special part of my life regardless of his fact maybe because of them.  Every self respecting 90's night-clubbing girl needed their best gay boyfriend - again - DUH! 
My conservativeness doesn't define who I am any more than my favorite color does.  It's a part of the whole...we are all complex creatures with infinitely many things deciding who we are and how we act...I embrace all things, not just the "big" ones...I am not big on labels...on wearing them or dishing them out.
I was actually unfriended by my very outspoken democratic brother in law (poor boy lives in Hollywood...he can't help it - lol!) until I pointed out to him that he was doing the very thing he was acusing me of - censoring him...why delete me because I am conservative?  I do find it more than a bit funny that some of the very people screaming to be heard would try to silence the voices that don't agree with them.
I don't usually get on my soap box often, if this can be even considered getting on one...but my feelings were hurt : (
I want to be free to be me too...

I got nothing....

Been working my butt off (and for those of you that actually have full time jobs...especially when you have kids - my hat is off to you!!!!)  14 hours doesn't seem like a lot (especially to my paycheck), but when I put that on top of kids, school (2 going to school in 2 different cities - thank you CA freeway system and my super good friend J, without you I couldn't do it!), homework, Girl Scouts, school performances, singing lessons, dog puke on carpet (smooshed in by 5 year old) blah, friggin blah, blah, friggin blah!

Okay, done whining (for now...just being realistic) 

But I did feel great when my hubby told me that his brother was telling him how much work he does with his 2 kids (they just added a baby recently) with feeding them taking one to school, cooking dinner, etc...I just sat there basking in the glow that is my messy house and smiled.  Told my man that our house may be on the messy side, but to consider himself lucky, because he doens't have to do shit around here.  He started to object, but when I pointed out that he couldn't list 5 things that he does around here on a consistent basis, he went back to his computer screen  : )