Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I learned on the mountain...

Grabbed the kiddos last week and headed for the hills.
We had a family vacation at Mammoth Lakes
: )
Here are a few things that I learned...
1.  My hubby drives fast, but he is a badass and got us 400 miles in 6 hours.
(not a whole lot of traffic on the San Diego freeways at 4 am on a Sunday)
2.  20-35 mph winds with 60 mph gust will take the pinecones right off of a tree and slam them against the condo.
3.  Snow is awesome!  Especially when the hubby already went to the store and local brewery for beer when it was only windy.
4.  Kids raised at sea-level can be endlessly entertained by snow.
5.  I learned how to build a the fireplace of course.
6.  I waste too much food down much more compelled to eat leftovers when the alternative involves driving on an icy road.  No jumping in the car and heading to a chain restaurant or grocery store.
7.  I like having only the basic cables channels...there were a ton of channel on the tv but nothing good on.
8.  I can read 5 books in 7 days.
9.  I am obscenely out of shape!  Being mostly sedentary, while being 44 and at 7,800 ft is not a good combination, but has motivated me to get up off my fat ass!