Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey Mom...where's my stuff?!

I was taking a bit of time today, exploring some different blogs and DIY thingys and while dreaming and sighing and wishing that some of these places could be mine...I started looking closer...

Where is all their stuff?!

I mean, really - where's the stuff?  Toys, laundry, homework, the children, groceries - anything other than the Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Garden layout I'm currently viewing.  I'm all for cleaning up the place before you take a picture (this is why I don't have any "before" pictures...there's a reason I'm changing/getting rid of the stuff!) but is there like a mountain high pile of shit tettering behind you ready to snuff you out if it falls?
I know that some people have more than the 1,323 sf I am currently sporting, but come on...let your kids have some stuff..any stuff?!  I hold myself back in my quest/obsession with taking over (organizing!) my girl's long as there are clean and neat and nothing is growing in there - it's their art, Lalaloopsy posters, puzzles glued together and pictures of friends dogs are all up on the walls.  At first it made me crazy...where was the theme?  Where was the balance?  the symmetry? 

Then I realized...I have my own room and now I embrace theirs and their own little spaces : )

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well, it's Easter, a time of miracles and this year is no mil actually called my son and invited us over for Easter!  Crazy, but true.  She even invited me, and said that she understood if I didn't want to come...sounds like someone maybe growing up a little bit : )
I won't be's not about forgiveness or holding a's about my self respect and me staying away from someone who hates me...if she was a co-worker or friend I would cut her out of my life so fast her head would spin, my true friends and family would kick my a$$ if I ever talked to her again...but this is my mil, so I am kind of stuck with her...I am polite when I see her, give her access to my children, but why should she get a "get out of jail free" card just because of her position when I would cut any other b^&$%# that treated me this way?  Something to think about, but in the meantime, my dog will get a good walk in and I will clean my house!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm baaaaaaacccckkkk!

Damn - it's been a while!

And as I am typing this it feels like the whole world is rocking....not becasue I am hung over (I Wish!) but because the family, some friends and some drop in guest and I have been flosting in a cabin on a lake since monday afternoon.  Flipping LOVED IT!!!!  Need to get rid of my sealegs...

Here it is:
Bathroom model 98% complete....but in fixin bathroom - we blew out our computer : (
It's back up and running, but need to get old hard drive stuff onto our shiny new hard drive.
My dad had some medical issues the day befroe my mom was to fly out...he did ok, she is here, but my dad's mom died yesterday afternoon : (
So now I havjet o keep Mom busy until her flight Friday and then find a way to get me to Pennsylvania after my hubby just killed a decent amount of vacay : (

That's the cliff notes at 11

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poor sick baby girl...

My youngest is sick...again...poor baby, she doesn't want to miss her Easter Egg Hunt at EAK tomorrow...gonna have to break it to her gently, she has a fever of 102...she ain't going anywhere tomorrow...She just fell asleep on my bedroom floor after eating some chicken soup...I would take a picture and post, but it's just too damn pathetic : (  She said she was too tired to get on the bed...just wanted a pillow and a quilt...okay...maybe just one pic...ugh - just can't do it - afraid the flash will wake her up : (

Monday, April 4, 2011

Holidays....a time for family....

Or not : (

Just got an email from a brother in law talking about Easter/Birthday celebration at a local this email it says that there is also going to be a late lunch/early dinner at their mom's house...again WE have not been invited to his mom's house!

Feel like packing my shit and moving back across the U.S of A. I personally don't ever want to set foot in her house again, but how do you explain to your kids that they can't go to Grandma's house because she isn't talking to Daddy, hates Mommy and we weren't invited?!  Fuckin A folks - at lease ask if the kids can come over !!!!!!!

Guess we will have to change churches now....this is getting to be too much : (

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting closer!!!!

Downstairs Bathroom Remodel update:
The Vanity top is installed and I installed the backsplash and sidesplashes (is that really a word?  well, they go on either side of the sink....) and caulked everybody in all snug.  I have also painted the lower cabinet with the new wall color (Behr - Haze...a pretty beige) and the cabinet doors bright white.  Also, repainted the medicine cabinet bright white.  I started installing the faucet stuff to the new sink, but need some supervision and waiting till the hubby gets home.  Also, going to ply him with his choice of dinner to get him to change out the light fixture and put in a new outlet that is actually white.  I'm  more than a little afraid to deal with electricity.  Then all I will have to do is sand, paint and re-install the door moulding I removed and we will be good to go!  I really like the way this little sucker is headed....sometimes I just go in there and sit and stare at everything : )

Also bought some new lamps at Lowe's today and going to attack my 2 table lamps, 1 floor lamp and one accent lamp in satin nickel finish for $80...they came with white tulip shaped shades AND the light bulbs...not bad!

Gotta get all this $^*@ done before my mom gets out here on the 15th.'s a secret, we are surprising the girls :o)