Saturday, October 27, 2012


Thank you Lord for my kids Charter School...their 1st Quarter break this coming up week...Hawaiian airlines miles (from hubby's business trips last year) and Hilton Honors points (again, courtesy of the hubby)
The family is headed for Hawaii!!!!!!
We need this soooo bad.
Hubby has been working 65 hour weeks and is on salary so only gets paid for 40
Our health insurance rates are going up $400 a month
Our coverage is going down
I have been working home and being home less
Our house is a mess (trying to fix that before we leave)
The kids miss their dad during the week and are afraid of me and how grumpy I have become since I became a "work widow"
We can't find anything
And any benefit of me making some extra $$$ is totally blown be tired mommy buying convenience food and eating out
So, we are using this trip as a clean break from our reality and hoping to come back relaxed and refreshed
the Hubby told me that he is prepared to take the girls off on adventures by themselves so that I can sit and be on the beach, pool or wherever I need to be
More than once if necessary
I LOVE this man!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life in the single-parent hood

I am still married,
he has been working CrAZY-ASS hours since June 4th
and is almost NEVER home
cue the violins and sad clown faces
I would put up an image of a sad clown face, but that shit is scary!
Over the summer it wasn't too bad...
pool time for us
hot dogs or hamburgers for dinner
stayed light until 8:00
Middle school homework, 1st grade homework
Brain Highways work
my own bring home work
running out of milk
running out of patience
running out of booze
and the best part...
his "promotion" to manager
has turned into a $10/hour paycut because he is on salary and
DOES NOT get compensated for extra hours