Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The best laid plans...

So...I'm going to grab the tiger by it's tail and be superwoman this week...work, school, kids, house...after the barfing stops...11 year old is sick...guess I'm not going to be making any big bucks tomorrow...

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go....

Got called back to the part time gig for a 2 week stint and I am trying to cram as much of the $$$$/hour love as I can...
Gonna try and toss the little one to the after school program since she only goes 1/2 day and they only charge $6/day (the school is really awesome and does really try to help the family budget out : )  I left out the part where they put them down for a nap...I may only get her in the one day, but I am really hoping to milk this as much as I can and then sit on my little stash...got to stay away from the clearance racks and thrift stores for a while : (

Ok, back to work : )

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So white and fluffy :0 )

My new towels!!!  I know that this is a total bonehead thing to write about, but it's going back to the small, simple things in life that can make you happy...AND if you can acheive this for 80% off IT'S EVEN BETTER!!!!

Went into Kohl's looking for a new cookie jar...

In yet another round about (and not really simpler), simple life goal I have started making all of our treats at home from scratch and the gladware on the counter was not making for a very pretty kitchen.  I am not going totally crazy or organic with the baking (yet, give me time...maybe) but I want to be able to control what kind of crap we are eating...so I figured I wouldn't cook with anything I couldn't pronounce or buy on the grocery store shelf.

Any who...I didn't find the cookie jar there, but hit the clearance part of the bath towel area and found Vera Wang big, beautiful, and super fluffy towels $22.99 marked down to $6.59 and with my 30% off coupon...I walked out the door with them for $4.61 : )
My goal here was all about starting the day off right and for about $40 (6 large bath towels and 4 hand towels) I know that when my peeps and I reach for a towel after getting all squeaky clean it won't be dingy, threadbare or have any snags or holes in it.  It will be fresh, it will be white, it will absorb water and it will smell really good...how can you have a bad day when it starts (or ends) so well?!

I may be crazy, but it's my crazy and hopefully it's a step in the right direction in better, cleaner and living with a more positive attitude.

And btw, I did find a cookie jar at Walmart for about $5  : )

Friday, September 16, 2011

Southern California has that Autumn feeling going on today!!!!

Oh yeah!!!!  My favorite time of the year!!!! FALL!!!!!

I am not completely crazy...I know that this weather won't last, but I am taking advantage of it while I can (it's kind of like a One Day Only Super Sale) I have chili doing it's thing in the crock pot and I started overhauling the back patio so we can actually sit out there and enjoy it without feeling like we are sitting in an oven!!! 

Started pruning some dead areas off the Jasmine (got it a few years ago to hide the neighbors dog pee & poo smelling back yard) pulled the dead eucalyptus leaves out of the "flower boxes" on the fence (they are plant stands I got at Target for 90% off, turned them upside down, stuffed them with the coconut stuff and attached them to the fence - ta friggin da!!!!)  Brushed all the cobwebs off the old ammo crates (I used these as shoe boxes as a kid and stacked them as part of an entertainment center in college...what can I say...my dad worked in munitions when I was growing up) and I am going to take an old shelf, paint it black and put it on the ammo crates so the girls have a place for their rock and shell collection (and we can put stuff on when we eat out there)...that's it so far...better get back out there
: )

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gettin into a groove

So the kids only went to school for 3 days last week due to the Labor Day holiday and the Southern California blackout...just when things were looking up...BAM!!!!

Oh, well...no whining! Except....(come on - you knew it was coming!)

Three friggin days into school and already the shit that is/are pre-pubescent girls has hit the fan!!!!!  Apparently a friend of my 6th grader that she has known and been friends with since Kindergarten is now giving her the brush off because the current Queen Bee does not like my daughter...did  I mention that we spent all summer with this friend and have taken/planned family vacations with and around each other...for a few years?!  Hell, once we had 9 of us staying in a one bedroom condo...AFTER spending 8 hours at Disneyland together...talk about bonding.

I feel caught between a rock and a hard place : (
I want my child to be "accepted" but I also want her to be herself and not be a lemming...
I was pretty much a social chameleon all throughout school...never fit completely into any clique, but marginally accepted by most of them...had punk friends, jock friends, band friends, stoner friends, surfer friends, nerd friends even some cheerleader friends...but I could hide in a crowd of hundreds...
The main problem here is there are only 56 sixth graders in the whole school  :(  kind of hard to seek out another social group when the pickins are so slim...

I talked to the other girl's mom and she is pretty pissed at her daughter's behavior (the issue came up in one small insident last year) and she will talk to her daughter...I'm not saying that they have to be best friends, but to kindly acknowledge someone's existance shouldn't be too much to ask...especially since you don't mind hanging out when no one else is watching...

I am very proud of the fact that my daughter is talking to us about what she is feeling and going thru (I suffered in silence) and she is the kind of child who will always stand up for what is rigth, no matter what the cost to her personally.  (She stood up for this friend at her old school in 3rd grade when the other kids were making fun of her size and clothes)  I just want her to find a friend that will stand up for her in the same way.

Little nerd children with huge hearts - UNITE!!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Disaster preparedness FAIL!!!!!

Soooo yesterday afternoon as I was picking up my 6th grader ALL of the power went out in San Diego County...and parts of Orange County...and parts of Baja (Mexico)...about 5 million of us in the same boat from what I have read this morning.  Did I mention that is was 104 here yesterday?!

Well we muddle thru it in typical trailer park fashion...robbed media remote controls and cameras for AA batteries for flashlights, brought out all the partylite candles and used the radio app on my hubby's smart phone...UGH!!!!  I have been living away from my hurricane prepared self for way too long.  Although I do have to admit to a strong urge to fill the bathtub with water : )  (got to flush them toilets you know!)

So in an effort to circumvent the mass hysteria that is probably Walmart today...I am heading to IKEA for some of my supplies...shhhhh - don't tell : )

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

it's soooo on!

The hubby and I and going for our own personal version of "The Biggest Loser" and the winner gets $100 and braggin' rights...starts today and ends Christmas day...I'm soooo winning this!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

An Ode to my Ex...

At first...I knew you
Then...I loved you
Then...you crushed me and left me alone with nothing (seriously - you took the fucking plates and lamps...)
ok...maybe not "nothing" but half my shit went out the door and into your truck
With no explanation
"I don't love you anymore"
Then...we tried to be friends
And...it kind of worked
Then...you started dating the girlfriend of your best friend that had just died and it got kind of weird
You sent me a postcard and invited me to a birthday lunch
Our birthdays are 2 days apart
Your dead best friend's girlfriend that is now your girlfriend said she wanted to talk to me one night at a show
I did
The next night at a gig you grabbed me by the back of my head and said I was a "fucking cunt"
I spent the better part of the next decade and a half trying to figure out what was wrong with me
Always took things personally because...
Maybe "this" is why you broke up with me...maybe I shouldn't do this or that so Jim doesn't leave me too...
I never knew why I got dumped
I never knew why you stoppped loving me
I never knew what she told you
I never knew what she could have possibly told you that would make you see me that way
(Bitch I will accept with no explanation, but if you call me a cunt, please have a reason)
I wasted so much of my life and my marriage wondering if what i did or could do was wrong because I was afraid that I would do "it" again and get left alone
And then one day I figured it out
It was you, you piece of shit
Never me, always you
You never gave me a reason because there was none
I am ok
I always was ok
There is not one fucking thing wrong with me
Thank you for being the total self serving dick you were and getting out of my life so that I could find the One that I am supposed to
Be with
Love with
Grow with
Have kids with
Fight with
Cry with
Make up with
Laugh with
LIVE with

Friday, September 2, 2011

Calgon take me away...

Summer is almost over and I am not sure if I am going ot make it...

We have been in and out of the house for most of this week, which loosely tranlated means:

We come in and make a big ol' mess and don't have the time, energy or wherewithal to clean up after ourselves because we are rushing off to or resting up for the next thing.

I'm trying to make the house look less like a bad episode from "COPS" today, but am failing quite miserably...oh well - at least everyone has been fed...