Saturday, December 8, 2012

One a day...

Just scrolling thru Pinterest and had an
brain fart?
Not sure yet.
Not even sure it will last past today
(very rollercoaster-y and period driven today)
I want to finsh the house purge
(3 more boxes leaving the house today!)
get everything in it's place so that I dont have to have Pinterest-envy any longer
I sit back and think
IF I could get to my jewelry findings - I could make that
IF I could get to my scrapbook paper _ I could do that
IF I knew where "this" was or "that" was hiding - I could bake that
I would love to be able to get one thing done...
Not necessarily a "project"
I am talking keeping it simple
Like putting away laundry
doing last night's dishes
laying out tomorrow stuff for the kids
I could get a feel good project done
once a week?
maybe I should bind the quilts I made this summer first...

C'est la vie

Lately when I find myself caught up in all of the juju that life is throwing at me,
 I look at this picture...

I have it on the computer and on my phone so I can gaze on the go.
And I relax...
just a little bit
and remember what this day was like
and try to remember to LIVE in this moment, not just wait for it to go by for the next one, that might be better, might be more exciting, might have more to offer
the next moment might be gone.
I am feeling beyond melancholy today...
spent the last two days going through old video of my kids to put together a DVD for my dad as a gift this Christmas.
Last year we actually surprised him with a flat screen tv...can't top that this year so I might as well give him something to watch.
When did so much time go by?
They were soooo little
sooo cute
got along sooo well
and were well behaved.
Thank you puberty for screwing up my life again : (
Who knew this shit could bite you more than once AND be more painful living with someone going through it.
Makes me feel bad for my mom
(kind of explains the nervous breakdown she had when I was 16)
And makes me feel worse for me since by the time my second one starts changing, I should be in full blown menopause.
I though I was being mature, responsible and wise when we decided to wait to have kids...must have burned too many brain cells at Sluggo's in the past and fried the part of my brain that could do math and predict future consequences of my actions.
C'est la vie