Monday, November 12, 2012 what big teeth you have...

Also known as
What goes around...comes around...
Bites you in the
Had an issue at work with probably the most ineffective person I have seen in a long time (seriously, how can it take 1 year to train someone to do a job?  I came back after being gone for 11 years, to a whole new computer system and had itdown in like 2 days) say that she
"didn't want to be like Paulette"
(that's me by the way...)
guess what?!
I have a job and she doesn't...
I don't want to see anyone lose their job, but it would have been the same if she never came in and we just sent the checks to her house...and it was never her fault...never got anything done and she was way too busy, but never did can you not invoice your customers for an entire month...
two months in a row?
Invoices don't go out...lights don't stay on
circle of life
Business Edition