Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Third verse, same as the first...Take this job and shove it!

Yes, once again I have quit my job...
Damn near the same one I quit the first time last year...
Then again in April...
A shit-ton of things have happened in between...
the most major being that my father passed away.
What I learned from his life and from his passing, is that I really don't have to take anyone's shit.
While I know living my life is the longest thing I will ever do,
it doesn't have to be lived in misery.
I choose what I want to wear each day, what I want to eat, what route I want to take...
why should I let some miserable bitch dictate my work life?!
Truth is - I don't have to
I live just outside San Diego, CA
Do you have any idea how many freaking jobs are out there?!
While I loved what I did and most of the people that I did it with, one person was ruining it for everyone.
I wish I was exaggerating, but 'm really not.
10 people have quit or been let go in 1 year...it's math people...
look for the common denominator and you will find it.
But, you have to look for it and actually SEE it.
A rotten apple really can ruin the whole cart.
I am going to stay home. 
Make yummy (moderately healthy) meals for my family.
Stay off of the California freeway system.
Clean and organize my house (already painted the kitchen and 1/2 the dining room)
Clip more coupons.
Buy more Groupons
Start making quilted fabric Christmas ornaments and hitting the local craft show circuit with my #1 sister in law (she was the first casualty of this war)
First day of the rest of my life starts October 22nd!

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