Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Letting it go...kind of...

I mostly left my job right before Thanksgiving...
We negotiated me down to one day and week in the office
 and working from home the rest of the week.
Guess someone finally realized that if I am not working my 10- 20 hours every week...
someone else was going to have to  do it!
It may not be much, but it will let me make my car payment and keep the kiddos in art class

Wolf in watercolors by the Boo Boo - 8 years 

Hedgehog in oil pastels by the Bubba - 14 years

And since they pretty much rock this whole art thing...
I will suck up working with a bunch of bitchy control freaks.
Actually started making real dinners, packing lunches everyday except pizza day and getting my crafty on.
Can't wait to see where all this will take me!

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